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Streets are filled with --

Picking up what people have left behind.

Ara ara ara
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This bio was so old that I had to spend a good ten years scrubbing it clean.

I like things. At the moment, I particularly like classical Japanese, but you might have to interpret "like" here with some violence.

If you looketh for fic, looketh here for my masterlist or at my fic tag.

*_____*, 13x6, 2am conversations, amazing british accents, american gods, anderson cooper 2 pi, baccano!, balthier, balthier wears rainbow rings, barack-rahm politics, basch lives!, batfamily insanity, batman, batman beyond, beware bald old men, braaaaaaains, british b-b-b-boys, british spelling, bruce collects young boys, bruce wayne, caffeine, claire stanfield, coffee, cowboy bebop, css makes me cry, danny ocean, dc, death on a horse, dick grayson, dick unsuggestive name grayson, did we mention spam?, do it for england, domoto tsuyoshi, estraven, ethical theory doesn't belong, etymology, fiat lux, final fantasy, final fantasy xii, fran, frothing in glee, fuck math, gavagai, ghost in the shell, gmt+8, guards! guards!, gundam wing, guns guns guns, have i mentioned braaaains, having more time, help me i'm sinking, highlander, history, holy smokes batman, i am not drunk, i gladly break you, i need more ram, i need more sleep, i wish for holgas, icons, imai tsubasa, incept this, insanity, ipod, jason todd is who?, je, jet black, jon stewart, jumping and frothing gleefully, jumping in glee, kickass anybody, kickass men, kinki kids, koyasu takehitonme, kusanagi will eat you, larsa ferrinas kickass solidor, left hand of darkness, lots of caffeine, lots of ghei, lu tze, lucifer, lucifer more than you, luck gandor, luck gandor is smrt, magnetic poetry is deadly, making megaupload cry, mee goreng, methos, michael rosenbaum, midgar, mythology, neil gaiman, nightwing, oceans 11, oceans 12, oceans 13, oceans everything, okada junichi, ost, photography, photoshop, polaroids, poor tim drake, porn, porn as meta, possibly cock, pressing the yes button, radical edward, really pretty watches, retreating from reality, rufus is my empire, s2 makes me cry, sexy british accent go, shifgrethor, slash, sleep what is sleep, sleeping a lot, sleeping all the time, sleeping is bad, sleeping is good, slicing time, spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, spike spiegel, stephen colbert, tackey and tsubasa, tea, tea tea tea, ted leo, terry mcginnis, terry pratchett, the commonwealth, the first rule is, thread hijacking, togusa fails at life, tokio, tseng, tseng is my god, ursula k. le guin, ursula le guin, v6 is on crack, veni vidi vetinari, versus diamonds and guns, winter's king, writing, writing is unhealthy, yoko kanno, zechs