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Streets are filled with --
Picking up what people have left behind.
My To-Write List Is Kinda Epic And I'm Not Bothering To Lie About It Anymore 
31st-Aug-2010 09:06 am
HOUSE kills

Note: links take you to already-written fic in the same fandom; numbers under the links take you to bits-in-progress posted to my beta-filter. If you want to be tortured so, just comment and I'll add you!

Multifandom for au_bingo

Fantasy & Supernatural: Angels and Demons

(For the hundredth time:) TREIZE LIVES

(Gundam Wing)
Fantasy & Supernatural: Myth and Legend

Here, tanuki, tanuki.

Fantasy & Supernatural: Ghosts Fantasy & Supernatural: Vampires

Hanbei and Kanbei and the kicking of butt

(Sengoku Japan)
Historical: Napoleonic Europe

All I know is that I want Treize and Zechs on a ship.

(Gundam Wing)
Historical: Regency Other: Mundane


Batman Beyond
Fantasy & Supernatural: The Afterlife Other: Detectives Fantasy & Supernatural: Author's Choice
Other: Evil Goateed Universe Other: Royalty

Jim pronounced, "You can all bow down and kiss my feet now." / "Sir," Chekov said to Spock. "May I please commit treason?" / "Treason?" Bones interjected. "How about regicide?"

(Star Trek)

#1 (650 words)
FREE (Others: Superpowers)

"Please!" Chekov wailed to Scotty. "You must, sir, you must! You must!" / "No!" Scotty yelled back, armed with a No. 4 spanner. "Not engineering, never engineering!"

(Star Trek, in which Kirk Communes with Ye Computers)

#1 (280 words)
Other: Film Noir Future: Author's Choice (Future: Cyberpunk)

"Shigeharu, have you thought of immortality?" / "No, my lord. In fact, most of the time I don't even think in a human language."

(Sengok-- er, Not!Sengoku Japan)
Other: Disney

And Reeve said, "I can show you the world; shining, shimmering, splendi--"

(Final Fantasy VII)
Alternate History: Author’s Choice (Someone doesn't die)

He didn't like alchemy, but he liked Roy sane better than he liked Roy dead, so Maes studied. Studied hard.

(Fullmetal Alchemist)
Other: Police

Moist von Lipwig joins the Watch... for justice!

Other: Kid Fic

"Someone please, please tell me Bruce is older than 9. Please."

Alternate History: Someone was never born

Sorve Harth rem ir Estraven was born cold, colder than the snow.

(The Left Hand of Darkness)
Future: Post-Apocalyptic Other: Mutants

FINISHED FIC: Said the Spider to the Fly

Alternate History: Canon event changed

"I hope you're doing well, brother. As you can I, I brought you flowers."

(Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

Other: Hospital

Dr. Mustang to the ICU please.

(Fullmetal Alchemist)
Other: Criminals

Jardine-Matheson, at your service

(Historical Hong Kong)

Original character stress relief for Mundane Bingo at DW

Window-shopping on Etsy.
waiting for the bus in the rain with no umbrella
cooking rice
picking out a book at the library
stupid smoke detector goes off when there's no fire so you unplug it and then you feel guilty because OMG what if there WAS a fire??
arguing over toothpaste brands
watching TV
Common Cold
playing musical instruments together.
-translating for your grandparent who doesn't speak English (but does speak 3 or 4 other languages)
doing the crossword
Your entire [geographic location] sprouting flags when your [sport] team is in the playoffs.
another car on the road nearly causes an accident of some sort while you are driving
-cheating at card games
Gas tank or equivalent on empty
Forgot to renew TV licence (somewhat UK specific)
arguing over toilet paper brands
national holiday: religious
running out of an ingredient while making dinner
dropped mobile phone in liquid
-wearing red on special occasions
checking email on the pc
food disasters: ran out of real curry leaves
cleaning the bathroom


# chess
# marionette
# tangent
# pecking order (definition is here)
# impasse
# descent in an elevator
# Nazca (definition is here)
# embryology
# Nihilism (definition is here)
# artifact
# pleasure principle (definition is here)
# aspirate
# reabsorption
# "Deeper…go deeper."
# aesthetic (a appreciation or eye for beauty)
# anthropocentrism (definition is here)
# confabulation (filling in the gaps in one's memory with fabrications that one believes to be true)
# era
# Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" (located here)
# id (the complete unconcious, which holds baser, primitive impulses)
# schism
# alchemy
# The Sacred Feminine (revering woman as a goddess on earth)
# sentience
# androgynous
# paranoia
# devolution (a decline in evolution, power, vitality, etc.)
# phantasmagoria (a fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever)
# ode

For the much more morale-inspiring list of things I've already written, to the fic masterlist!
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