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Streets are filled with --
Picking up what people have left behind.
2nd-Jul-2009 02:06 pm
YULETIDE snowflake -
If ye do so wish to be on K's magical mailing list for Great Justice, Spam and Other Magical Things, do leave your contact information in a comment (all ye comments will be automatically screened, yea) below, following the following format:

0: Ye Real Name/Nickname/Monikor/Dread Initials:
1: Name I Shall Put On Your Mailer:
2: Thy Most Excellent Address: (Do caveat it rightly so if you are a Student likely to move in and out of Campuses over the year; feel free to give alternate addresses!)

3: We Do Know Each Other From: (apply whichever applicable: specific fandom/yuletide/comment spam of joy/telepathic connection/you can't remember either)
4: Ye May Insert Phrase of Bribery Here:

5: Ye Do Like: (append type of mail that would be delicious for you [may include but not be limited to]: postcards, photographs, bits of newspaper, inspirational cards, snarky cards, mailbombs)
6: Ye Must Not Receive: (specific instructions not to: have strange comments on exterior packaging, send anything larger than a folded sheet of A4 paper, etc)

7: Thy Most Excellent Extraneous Comments/Requests:

Alsowik: please tell me if you are from the USA; sometimes I cannot tell because I am dumb and from the other end of the earth. 8D
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